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Our Team.

We are many Practitioners & Health entrepreneurs that implement Zinzino Health Concept into our work.


Test-Based nutrition is going to become a MegaTrend, and we are proud to be some of the front runners helping to educate our clients with different options they have!

Since we know 97% of the world population does not have sufficient Omega-3 levels, it is essential to implement this into our work.

Here are some of our excellent partners:

Elli Karlsson, Las Vegas

“My clients recover faster after workouts and I am really happy to be able to use something that I know works"

Nita Ewalds, Virginia 

"Omega-3 is really important to improve cellular health. Something that is really important when we want to convice a healthy baby"

Thomas Røsaker

"After seeing how one of my clients just improved her neckpain that many of us was unable to help her with, I became a beliver!"
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