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Why I decided to become an independent distributor of Zinzino.

For many years I have known how important the right nutrition intake is!

We need to feed our body the right building blocks in order for the body to have material to build the body with. 

But I also know how hard it can be to find it in our food. And supplements are not always safe, or the right quality we need. 

Because of this, I was thrilled to find Zinzino. They take responsibility for both product quality, and they have many + items meaning they are ALL NATURAL.


Omega 3 is a complicated thing. I am happy to work with a product that can be measured in your blood and that way has a proven effect on your body! We don't have to pick anything from the shelf and HOPE it will help us. We can now simply see if what we have done prior is benefiting our body. Balance oil is helping our cell membranes to get in balance and for a healthy body. 

So follow the link to my webshop if you want to order a balance test today. 

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