What to eat for healthy cells

Everything we eat either contributes to a more healthy body or moves us closer to an unhealthy body. We may not see the results today. But eventually, we will feel the result. A lot of people blame the symptoms on age. Well, the symptoms are there for a reason! To scream to you that what you do today is not beneficial to your body!

It´s like brushing our teeth. We will not notice if we jump over it once, or twice. But 1 small act of NOT brushing our teeth for only 2 minutes a day, will show maybe not in 5 years, but you will be able to see a big difference in 20 years! I promise you.

Did you know your body is built up with cells? About 37 trillion. All of these cells have different life spans. And you know what they all got in common? Their cell membranes are built