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What to eat for healthy cells

Everything we eat either contributes to a more healthy body or moves us closer to an unhealthy body. We may not see the results today. But eventually, we will feel the result. A lot of people blame the symptoms on age. Well, the symptoms are there for a reason! To scream to you that what you do today is not beneficial to your body!

It´s like brushing our teeth. We will not notice if we jump over it once, or twice. But 1 small act of NOT brushing our teeth for only 2 minutes a day, will show maybe not in 5 years, but you will be able to see a big difference in 20 years! I promise you.

Did you know your body is built up with cells? About 37 trillion. All of these cells have different life spans. And you know what they all got in common? Their cell membranes are built up with fat! Many different types of fat but the most important ones are the two essential fats = the body cannot create these fats themselves. WE NEED TO EAT THEM! And these two fats are Omega 3 and Omega 6. If the cells are not healthy the result will be that our body is not healthy. The biggest issue today is TO MUCH omega 6 and TO LITTLE omega 3. Inflammation is the result of the imbalance today's #foodculture creates in our body!

Inflammation also causes our cell membranes to get harder and the #hormon system not to function.

"Inflammation (from Latin: inflammatio) is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and is a protective response involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators"

So here is a what NOT to eat:

  • Vegetable oils - These are too high in omega 6 creating an imbalance of the ratio which causes inflammation! Inflammation is Latin for "setting afire"

  • Processed food - In general, all processed food with long shelf-life contains vegetable oils. Anything with an ingredient list with things you don't understand!

  • Fried food - It is fried in vegetable oils. Includes chips!

  • Candy and anything that contains corn syrup

  • #Cornoil #margarin #sunfloweroil #grapeseedoil is all part of the #vegetableoils that people try to market as "healthy" but they are devastating to our body.

So here is what you SHOULD eat:

  • Berries, fruit, and vegetables

  • Herbs, nuts, and seeds

  • Grassfed meat and Wild meat (Fatty meat is better. Grassfed more important than organic if you have to choose.)

  • Fish (needs to be WILD CAUGHT from cold waters. You need to intake it every day if you don´t want to take supplements - for optimal health without inflammation.)

  • Healthy fats like Coconut oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, grass-fed high fat Butter. Stick to these fat sources when cooking. Remember olive oil should never get to the smoking point!

  • Eggs and chicken (The problem here is that many get fed corn and things that is high in omega 6. Best is to buy local from someone that lets the chicken actually eat worms and things from nature!)

My 2 best friends in my kitchen are my #SLOWCOCKER and my #NUTRININJA #blender!

So stick to whole foods and full-fat products if you want to give your body a gift in 2020! <3

TIPS: The ingredient list should be less than 3-5 items and you should be able to understand what it is! If you don't understand it! Then you shouldn't eat it.

YES! #berries #fruit #vegetables #nuts #seeds #grassfedmeat #fish #healthyfat #eggs #chicken #wholefoods NO! #candy #cornsyrap #chips #processedfood #friedfood #vegetablesoils -all of them!

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