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What’s for dinner

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

It's time for dinner and all the food is on the table. Now what? A #tip to the person that wants to get a #healthier lifestyle to start with.

Even before I started to study nutrition I knew I needed my greens. But how much of it should you eat?

Everyone have heard 5 fruits and veggies every day. Right? (I'm gonna discuss this another day if that's the amount you need or not.) But how can you fit that into the schedule if you eat bread for breakfast, bread for lunch and then dinner and some snacks in the evening? This is a regular Norweigan diet. It's crazy I know. I grew up eating warm or at least solid lunches my whole life. I can't survive on bread! So when I moved to Norway I was at first chocked! And then I was trying to eat like them and I was ALWAYS hungry! Haha, I remember when I walked up to a co-worker and asked: "is it always #bread for lunch?"

When you put food on the plate, try to aim for 50% greens.

So what I do is that I'm aiming for 50% veggies and fruits on my plate EVERY TIME I eat. This doesn't mean that half my calories comes from veggies since veggies don't have a lot of calories in them, but it reduces the total calorie intake thinking this way. And you are able to get more of those nutritions in your diet! Make this a habit and this will be your start to an improved life! Until next time With Sunshine - Michaela

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