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The Key to good Gut Health

I assume you have heard about leaky gut and are now researching, trying to figure out if that is what you have and how to fix it!

But there is so much information out there, and you want to listen to someone with a record of building up the gut wall and the gut lining in the most effective way.

Look at me!

From my experience, I learned that many "experts" do not know how to help me.

I bought probiotics and prebiotics from someone who specialized in gut health, with a Dr. title and Ph.D. title, a fancy webpage, and convincing videos, and with what result? I got sicker and sicker and sicker! My body did not respond to it!

It DID NOT improve!

In Fact! I was wasting my money!

See, here is the usual checklist: Diet

-Eat clean -Remove trigger foods (for me that was ALL fruit and many veggies)

-Add Healing Foods


-Take probiotics

-Take prebiotics

-Take L-Glutamine

-Take Digestive enzymes To Do

-Walk daily

-Reduce stress

-Sleep enough

-Stay hydrated

-Chew your food and eat slow

-Reduce toxins

-Avoid overeating

I was a complicated case no one could help!

But what if your poor gut health has led you to now being able to eat those healthy foods?

Your body is overreacting to everything!

Your gut is leaking, and it causes inflammation in your gut but in other places throughout your body!

PAIN! PAIN is one of the symptoms of all of that inflammation

SLEEP - poor sleep due to the pain!

ENERGY PROBLEM - how can I have the energy to cook healthy when I can't sleep or function?

You do everything you can according to the list, but your body doesn't respond!

You start losing hope.

And if you are struggling like I did, there is hope!

See when I made 3 easy changes in my own life - my health started to turn around! My gut started to heal! My food intolerances became a non-issue, my sleep improved, and I started to thrive again!

The key was to lower the inflammation in the cells that build up in my gut! No one has ever been talking to me about how I could measure and how I could correct this imbalance. I would love to assist you on your journey and if you want help, make sure to connect with me. Start writing me in the chat right away! Looking forward to following your journey!

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