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Sick organs?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Are you out there searching for #information about a #healthcondition? Have you or someone you know just been diagnosed with a "#sickorgan"? We never only have ONE sick organ! If an organ is failing it's a result of a body that is sick! It might be an organ that is showing the symptoms, and doctors like to treat this special organ, but that won't solve the underlying problem.

When we want to help our body we can't focus on treating the specific signs of the disease. That sign is just a result of a bad body function. We need to get down to the underlying cause of the issue - toxins in your whole body and the imbalance of your cells causing inflammation. If we don't target the underlying cause, that problem will still be in your body and be ready to hit again!

Good health requires a well-functioning gut system. And if the gut system is not working it is usually a result of inflammation. That is again a result of the way you eat. And it´s not your fault! The government is telling us "what a healthy diet should look like" BUT that is only making us sicker!


FOOD CHANGE LIVES - Inspires you to choose better! Get in balance! Give the body right building stones in order to heal from the inside!

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