How much of our health can we take charge of?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

I try to write this in the most delicate way. I know there is a trust in Doctors and I know they are good at what they do. Treating #symptoms. But that is WHAT THEY DO. They treat the symptoms!!! That´s what they have been studying. They are studying "Here is an issue - this is what we do about it". Of course, they have a lot of knowledge. But they do have knowledge about what the medical world wants them to have knowledge about. I too wanted to become a #doctor growing up (and a veterinarian). Mostly because I liked helping people and I knew they were earning a decent living. But my mom took me to an alternative person when I was young, and the lady figured out with a # Bioresonance machine what I was lacking. I used the stuff she told me to use and my health improved and anger control improved. This made me hunger for a deeper understanding of the body! I understood that we can #change how our body reacts! What we do, or don't do actually change our body function and health. I know a lot of people are having one or two #health #issues. And I know that no one would like to have them. But the truth is that you can affect your health more than you think you can. I also now that many of the doctors doesn't have an insight about this. How could the medical industry earn money if they taught the doctors already at medical school, what really is the cause for their body to break down in inflammation and keep on destroying the body while someone is asleep instead of restoring? They can't teach the doctors what's really causing the inflammation to start a negative chain reaction. A chain reaction that is first so small. Then it gets bigger. Then you start to feel it in your body. You might except them as "It's because I'm getting older" or "It's because of the genes". But the fact is that your cells are out of balance! And let me tell you something. The body is amazing! If you break a leg, the body will try to heal itself right? That's also something that will happen to our cells. If we give them the right tools and the right nutrition the cells will start to heal themselves - But how can you know if you are healing when you go to bed