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How much can you eat?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

The quetion should be: How much should you eat?

Food is our fuel! We need food because we need the nutrition in it! Our body can create some components it needs themself many times but they can create all of them. Essential vitamins and Minerals are called essential because the body can't create them by its self. We need to intake them. So the answer to the question "how much should you eat" is: You should eat as much as you need to in order to get all the nutrients in your body that you need! Haha nice answer right?

Everyone have heard that "if you feel like eating chocolate it's because you are lacking magnesium."

But the thing is that many of the foods we choose lack nutrition. They are so-called "empty carbs". And if you are eating a lot of empty carbs you have to increase the amount of food. Bigger amounts of food often result in weight gain. Something a lot of people don't welcome! So how can you find a good balance of getting the right amount of nutrition, and at the same time not consume too many calories? Good choices are the answer. And even if we are making good choices it might still not be enough. It all depends on your body. Is it in a state where it actually can use all the nutrition you are eating?

If you eat to many calories the result is that you are gaining weight. But eating enough calories often results in lack of nutrition.

If you often feel hungry, and even if you have been eating a lot of food, it is most likely a sign that the body hasn't got enough of vitamins or minerals that it needs in order to function properly. I will write more on this topic one day. Until then With sunshine - Michaela Morrell

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