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Are you taking as good care of your body as your car?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

When it comes to our car, people are usually good at both washing it on the outside regularly and maintaining it. Filling it up with gas of clean quality and changing oil. Vacuum cleaning it on the inside when we see it's in need of it.

But look yourself in the mirror. Look at the vehicle you are traveling with every day. YOUR #BODY!

Are you taking good care of it?

Why are people in general not taking as much #responsibility for their own #health, as they take care of their car?

If we don't wash the car on the inside for a year, you will see how much dirt the car has collected. Most people never care about cleaning their inside. When you are about 40 years the body is usually full of #toxins, harmful #waste, and bad #bacteria. You might notice that the body starts showing signs of pain, inflammation, and the colds are harder to get rid off and energy levels starts to fall, and so on. I just hope you haven't been needing to find out the hard way yet - with lifestyle disease. If you do, I know something awesome! I know for a fact that the body ALWAYS WANTS TO HEAL! It just needs the right circumstances in order to do so. Ask me how. The body is built up with cells. Nature created us so that we are creating as many cells as we lose.

The cell needs to be able to take in food and let the waste out. Your whole body needs this process to work. We got several billions of cells in our body but one general rule is: a bad working cell is causing inflammation - that is causing sickness and death.

A lot of the body's energy that could have been used toward life processes like fighting off diseases, is getting used up on the process of fighting inflammation in the cell and breaking down food. WHAT CAN WE DO? Here are 3 IMPORTANT THINGS:

#Balance your #cells - Join my Facebook group "FEEL GOOD" or "MÅ BRA info" to learn more.

#Fasting - #intermittenfasting is a good way to start. (Eat only during a certain time of the day) #Goodbacteria - Make sure you are feeding the gut with what it needs every day. (You find a good Prebiotic in my webshop. I use Zinobiotics myself daily.) I will write a blogpost about fasting another day but here is a short guide if you want to get started:

A lot of people eat the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do before going to bed. They never let their body rest from the process of breaking down food. Quit doing that! Aim for 2 meals/day! For example, skip breakfast. Only eat LUNCH and DINNER. Eat BIG HEALTHY MEALS. (You should still get as many calories as your body needs.) Focus on #protein and good sources of #fat. Limit carbs that come from other sources than veggies. Think FOOD ONLY 8 hours. Let the body REST 16 hours. Do that at least 3-5 days/week. When the body doesn´t have to work on digestion all the time, it got time for #restoration, #healing & #detoxing! Just remember that the cell walls need to be in good shape for the detox to work aswell.

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