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Two of my favorite smoothie recipes

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

People without health issues, that want to treat themselves a little, have no problem using a little juice in the smoothies. Even though I believe Keto is awesome I recognize people want to eat a non restricted diet. So here are two recipes I like that are high in nutrients.

BANANA BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE 250 ml (2,5 dl) orange juice 150 gram (1,5 dl) yoghurt natural (I like to use plain greek or Turkish yogurt) 2 Eggs 2 Frozen Bananas Cinnamon to top it off if you like. ---------------------------------------- Pour orange juice and the yoghurt into a blender and mix carefully until blended. Add the raw eggs and the frozen banana och mix until everything is smooth. Pour it into a glass and sprinkle cinnamon on top. Enjoy! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What Raw Eggs?

I use raw eggs in Scandinavia a lot without any problem. In USA you can buy them pasteurized, if you don't have them fresh at home. The reason why it differs between countries is that the egg shell get washed in USA so the protective coating is gone - more prone to bacteria. With that said it's still very little risk getting an egg with salmonella and even lower risk of getting sick with it so I would still not worry.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AVOCADO SMOOTHIE Ice Cubes 1 Avacado 2 Bananas (can be frozen or not. I prefer frozen) 1 tsp lemon juice Optional: Monkfruit sweetener to taste ---------------------------- This drink is best ice cold! Add Avacado, bananas (prefer frozen), ice cubes, lemon into a blender and add a little bit of water. Mix! Taste! Add more Ice or Water depending on how you like your consistency to be! I'm not a big fan of sweeteners. I like to use an extra banana instead BUT if you need it to be sweeter Monkfruit Sweetener is the sweetener I like the most. It comes from the munk fruit and from what I have found it's not harmful to us and the taste is the best sweetener I have found. BUT be aware that you only have to use a small portion of what you would have added with sugar when baking. I use less than 1/5 of what you would need in sugar. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Smart tip:

If you got fruit that is going bad? Throw them into you freezer and use them next time you make a smoothie! If you've got veggies that is going bad? Do the same with a "veggie bag". That frozen veggies you can throw into a bowl with bullion. Mix, taste and add cream to taste! You got an awesome soup filled with nutrition!

Until next time /Michaela Morrell

PS. What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

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