Two of my favorite smoothie recipes

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

People without health issues, that want to treat themselves a little, have no problem using a little juice in the smoothies. Even though I believe Keto is awesome I recognize people want to eat a non restricted diet. So here are two recipes I like that are high in nutrients.

BANANA BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE 250 ml (2,5 dl) orange juice 150 gram (1,5 dl) yoghurt natural (I like to use plain greek or Turkish yogurt) 2 Eggs 2 Frozen Bananas Cinnamon to top it off if you like. ---------------------------------------- Pour orange juice and the yoghurt into a blender and mix carefully until blended. Add the raw eggs and the frozen banana och mix until everything is smooth. Pour it into a glass and sprinkle cinnamon on top. Enjoy! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What Raw Eggs?

I use raw eggs in Scandinavia a lot without any problem. In USA you can buy them pasteurized, if you don't have them fresh at home. The reas