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"Prevent getting sick with the right nutrition"

I will help you with:


Cellular health

Gut health

Clean Eating

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance


Restoring Energy levels

Restoring balance

The body is self-healing under the right circumstances! 

Being sick and being in pain can be tough. I speak from personal experiences. 

It's frustrating when you go to the people you trust to help you - only to get things that can mask the issue. 

Well, the issue will not stop there. 

Most of the time, it starts with the smallest symptoms... Things we tell ourselves are "normal" as we get older. Things we ignore!

How could we know that bad skin, would turn into IBS? 

Or that a grass allergy was just the start of developing chronic pain?

Doctors use to think that "if it's the liver that is damaged, it's the liver we need to medicate". 

Well, our body is more complex than that!
No disease just appears overnight!

It's small things that lead up to bigger things!

And if you have health issues today and don't figure out why? They will not get better and they might turn into something even worse. 

Symptoms are just the body's way to signal that SOMETHING IS WRONG and the body is not ABLE TO FUNCTION like it is supposed to.

If we ignoring that cry for help - it will have other consequences in the long run.

Something you might already experience since you found my webpage.


It's not your destiny to be sick!

Even if it's "in your DNA" - epigenetics shows us that it's a blend of different factors that makes our disease develop. Things that are reversible in most cases.

The body is SELF HEALING under the right circumstances. 
And if you stick with me - I will educate you on how to create the right circumstances - so your body can thrive again!

Meet Michaela


I have always been very interested in food.
What does food do to our body?
How can I help my body heal with the help of the right nutrition? 

First I wanted to become a Doctor or Veterinarian. 
But thru my research, I understood at a young age that I didn't want to work with finding relief for existing problems. I wanted to work proactively and help prevent diseases. I wanted to find the root cause!

Because of this, I started to study nutrition in relation to disease. If we understand the reason for WHY things happen, we can also find a solution.

I am a Swedish Nutritionist and a proud member of the Holistic Health Circle. 

I started out helping people 1:1, but I soon understood the limitations.

So today, I focus on 4 things: 

1. I help educate practitioners on how to measure and restore cellular health.


2. Create self-education content for you to access!
For most people, this is the way to go! 

3. Supplement consultation to those who have watched my information.
Quality, bio-availability, and dosage can make or break your results, and I am confident I can help you get on a protocol that will help your body in the best way possible!

4. I only do 1:1 coaching with those who have severe health problems. You must be highly motivated for a change! 
I will work closely with you over a 6-12 month period.
I will help you with diet, look over toxins, supplements, movement, and mind.  


I am creating self-learning platforms in the form of

  • YouTube videos

  • FB groups

  • Articles

  • Instagram

  • Holistic Health Circle

To help you educate yourself in order to help your body create the right circumstances for optimal function.

My mission in life is to try to enlighten as many people as possible about how we can take control of our health and live with vitality for as long as possible!

Every time I get feedback from people that was able to quit using another medication (after consulting with their doctor), joyful tears show up in my eyes! 

So thank you for finding me!
Perhaps you are the next success story I will hear about!

I will do my best to create valuable and helpful information for you. But you must implement it in your life & make the changes necessary.

I know - if you follow my advice - your body is going to thank you!

In return, I hope you share your success with the people around you! <3 


PS. Make sure to follow me if you like my content :) 

The first step towards helping your body:

Make sure your cells are working as they should. Read more about cellular health and dried blood test.

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