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About Michaela Morrell





Clean Eating

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Diet & Detox

Restoring Energy levels

Restoring balance

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Who is Michaela? 

I'm a Swedish Nutritionist living in Phoenix, USA.

We have moved a lot, and I can help you no matter where you are located. Thank You, Internet! 

Even though I speak English fluently, grammar will always try to trick me into my spelling (which might show in some articles or blog posts).

I grew up in a big and loud family! We have powerful family bonds, and I enjoy crazy big holiday gatherings!
I enjoy traveling with my 3 adorable kids and husband to experience new cultures and foods in my spare time.
I love animals and have been owning my own Western riding school, in Sundsvall Sweden, which I started at age 20. I had 22 horses, and I offered people to experience true adventures on wild Russian basjkir horses I have tamed! 

Before starting my own business, I got a degree in Business & tourism from Campus Åre.

But I found LOVE, and I decided to take another path in life... Including Husband, Kids, and many moves to countries I had never lived in...

Many events are leading up to who I am today, and my interest in nutrition!

One major event was when I was about 25 years of age. I got sick with shingles.
An OLD PEOPLE disease! WHY???

I was YOUNG, HEALTHY, ACTIVE, and always had a pretty good and healthy diet! I just had my first baby boy. And suddenly, I was in so much pain. 

  • My husband wasn't even allowed to hug me.

  • I couldn't hold my newborn baby!

  • Nursing was a nightmare, even if my husband was the one holding our baby.

  • I couldn't even wear clothes due to so much pain.

The doctor gave me the wrong treatment, so when I finally understood what was causing the pain, it was too late for medicine.

My pain was unbearable, and I did not know for how many days, weeks, or months I would have to experience and survive this pain.  

This caused me to dive deeper and start researching the immune system, nutrition, how what you eat affects your body. I was hooked! 

After seeing my own results, I had decided! I wanted to prevent diseases instead of waiting for them to appear.


I was educated thru a supplement company &
I loved to travel around, measure antioxidants, and educate others about nutrition.

Here are a few things I witnessed firsthand:

  • How blood pressure was lowered

  • Gray hair that disappeared and was exchanged with normal color again

  • Sleep problems disappeared

  • PMS symptoms went away

  • Weight came off

  • Allergies symptoms disappeared

  • Immune systems were built back up again.

But I am a person that keeps on asking WHY, WHY, WHY, so I  wanted to understand the science behind the results. Why were people experiencing all of these improvements? 

So while I was home with my second kid, I went back to school to study Nutrition in debt at a Bjørknes in Norway and then at Bergklint in Sweden. 



Meet Michaela - The Swedish Nutritionist


Understanding the body on a cellular level is making me even more hungry to learn more and educate myself further. Something I do every day, and I'm so excited to share my knowledge with whoever is interested in starting their health journey.

I am today a proud member of the "Holistic Health Circle." It´s a group full of amazing practitioners & holistic doctors that is a "one-stop" place for people to find valuable information on healing their body from a holistic perspective.
I was asked to join as the Inflammation, Cell-health, and Gut-health expert. 

When I first started my company Food Changes Lives, I was doing mostly 1:1 consulting.
But soon understood the limits that it involved.
I can't help enough people in the way I was working!

Rebranding to help more people:

Many people's health-problem has pretty easy fixes! What's lacking is education. Education about how our body is built and what it needs to function!

Today I am focusing on creating Self-educational material I am posting on different platforms.

  • FB 

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Youtube

  • Team 3:1 Balance (a team of health promoters - that is working together with me and is qualified to help you)

This way, you can educate yourself - without spending money - so you can take control of your own health.

​I offer 30min free nutritional value (food intake and supplements you might use) to see if it's good enough or what changes your body could benefit from.

Private coaching:
I still do 1:1 coaching - but I focus on very severe cases where people are serious about change and have already tried EVERYTHING and are ready to commit to a 6-month + coaching program. It might be longer cause I will help you until we get the results wanted!

If I believe I can help you - I will help you! 
If you don´t get, the results wanted?
I will give you your money back!  

Are you interested in this option? The process looks like this: 

  • Fill out an application form.

  • We will schedule a time for a talk.

  • If I feel like I would be able to help you, I will educate you on how. 


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