"Let your food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food" -Hippocrates

Food Changes Lives

Do you need me?

Most people have their "go-to person" for their health.
A doctor, Chiropractor, Naturopath, Dietitian...

But IF you are still feeling SOMETHING IS NOT 100%
Your "go-to" person has most likely not helped you with balancing your fatty-acids as an example.

Leaving you to be one of the 97% who struggling with the consequences linked to lacking essential building blocks for your body.

I applaud you to be here and for not giving up searching for answers!
If you want to feel better?
My knowledge can help you!


Let me introduce myself!
I'm Michaela Morrell!

A Swedish Nutritionist specialized in cellular health, gut health and inflammation.

I'm here to change the way we look at health!

If you stick around with me,
your body will thank you!

The healthcare system failed me!

We need to make sure these things are working:

  • Our Cells

  • Energy production

  • Gut-health and Absorption

I believe the body is Self-Healing!

But only under the right circumstances!

After helping thousands of people to figure out better circumstances for self-healing I am confident that I can help you too!

Numbers don't lie


95% of the population in Europe

99% of the population in USA

97% on a world basis

Are lacking essential Fatty Acids - Essential building blocks for our cells!
We need them for optimal cell function.

If our cells can't function...
Our BODY can't...

"Prevent getting sick with the right nutrition"

Improve Your Cell
Improve Your Life

The average of peoples fatty acid intake before they come to me.

EPA is needed for every cell structure.
Since we have about 37 trillions of them, you might understand why it's a crucial thing to measure and correct.

DHA is needed for your Brain & Heart health

We are all eating WAY TO MUCH omega-6. This fatty acid is pro-inflammatory.






Pro-inflammatory fatty acids

"A healthy body begins with a healthy cell"


This is an average of peoples health after 6 months progress.

What can these numbers mean to your health?






Pro-inflammatory fatty acids


Goal: Live as long as possible as healthy as possible!

Join the BioHacking Movement!

Take control over your own health today! Get educated!
Stop guessing! Start to measure!

Balance Fatty Acids

Our cellular function depend on having a good balance between pro vs anti inflammatory building blocks

Balance Blood Sugar

It's time to stop the epidemic of diabetes type 2.

Take responsibility so you don't become one in the statistics

Balance Your Gut

Everything is linked to your gut! With my "Balance your gut" program you are going to feel the difference

Balance Vitamin D

Regularly measuring your levels four times a year is important due to fluctuations in habits and varying exposure to sunlight

Join the BioHacking movement!

What we don't know - we can't control!

So if you want control! Get educated!

Bill, AZ

High blood pressure for over 20 years and maximum dosage of 2 different medications, I am happy that I found Michaela at the gym, because what I learned made my doctor reduce my medication intake with 90% after only 1,5 years of changed habits.

My only regret is I wished I found her 10 years ago!

Kamilla, Sweden

I have struggled with my hormones, health and pain since the age of 14. I started asking myself - what else can I do?
I'm happy that I found Michaela! I got 6 kids and seeing my kids no longer struggle with food sensitivity is all worth it to me!
My own health have done a 180 and I enjoy an active lifestyle again!

Marcel, Norway

It's easy enough to follow and the education is something I will keep on educating my children and my grand children!

I have seen great results with my recovery time after workouts and my mood!

I will keep on BioHacking my body!

Start your Health Journey

I will not ask you to clean out your whole pantry and stop eating this or that!

In the beginning, it is important for you to build up your health so that you can have the energy and strength to create healthier habits around food.

All changes we make at the start are very small and easy to sustainable!

My guides will help you ADD to your regime - helping you get enough of the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids.

Creating the right nutritional intake supplies the body with the right type of building blocks it needs to build a healthy body.

My guides will help you ADD to your regime - leaving your body in a healthier state!

You Matter

You do!

You have special gifts! Special talents!
The planet need YOU!

Learn how to BioHack your body!




Join the BioHacking movement!

Practitioners and health influencers!
Fill out the intake form!

Health with Heather, AZ

As a health coach - I thought the nutritional intake was enough. But after I stopped guessing and actually started to measure I found out there was room for improvements!

I've seen great improvement not only in my health but my whole family!

Elli, Fitness transformation coach, LV

Measure everything I eat and supplementing I thought I would get enough of essential building blocks. Facts are: I DID NOT!
Happy I found it out and could improve my cellular health!

Nita, Fertility coach, NY

I have seen an improvement in my pain levels and I am happy to now have new knowledge and tools to help my clients.

Because the more I learn - the more I understand why these tools so effectively help with infertility problems.

Your Healthy Choices

It is so easy to say "It's not right timing"...

But how long time can you wait before taking action?

Give yourself a gift! Take action right now!


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